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The site has received substantial traffic, since its launch just over two years ago (1 March 2013):

250,000 + page views, 82,000 + visits, 68,000 + unique visitors (as per Google Analytics).

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We offer four basic types of advertising/sponsorship packages that can help in grabbing the requisite eyeballs for your product or service:

Full page/Homepage/site takeover

This option allows you to take over the entire site, including its background and is likely to grab the most eyeballs and visitors.

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Full blog post with content, gallery, stills and videos

This option allows you a content rich page with videos, content, images and similar, and anything else you want to push or promote on the site. We created a similar page for a new restaurant 'Flavours' right here. It's a basic page but will give you an idea of the kind of content you can push through our site.

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Banner Advertising

This option will allow you to send us code for a banner and place it on any specific page on our site.

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Facebook Page Promotion

This site allows your product or service to be featured on our Facebook page for a specific time and take advantage of our 40,000 + fan base from across the world.

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