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The Evolution of Jewellery

Crystal Evolution - The Bold & The Beautiful - A-Lister Taylor Swift is a fan

Fashion stylists everywhere will tell you that with any outfit they are putting together for a special occasion, those finishing touches will lay heavily with accessories.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets; anything that may catch the eye and of course, the flash of a camera. Glamour but with the glow.

One jewellery label that stood predominantly out for us at BollyBrit was the interestingly named Crystal Evolution, due to its unique use of the free setting system with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver to create some wonderfully avante-garde pieces.

Crystal Evolution established itself as a brand in 2004 by the innovative Romanian designer Bella Redl or Bella R. who developed simple body jewellery and piercings into a wider range of crystallised jewellery and other such accessories.  The brand is fairly unknown in the UK at the moment since its recent launch here despite having a variety of A-List celebrities already as fans from actress Scarlett Johansson and model Naomi Campbell to musicians and Taylor Swift as well as some royalty which includes the Qatari Royal Family.  Not bad for a fairly new company in the global mainstream.

Since people are searching for something much more unique and special these days, the label fills a gap in the market for chic yet affordable accessories that will make any outfit pop.  The intricate combination of metal against coloured stones makes everything bling!

We all like to add that sparkle to our outfits especially when trying to make an impact, therefore we look at some of the products by Crystal - the products that will help us get ready to shine bright like a diamond.

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