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What's in a Name™?

Cara Delevingne  -  What's in a name?  That which we call a model;  by any other name would still look as good...right?

For the true fashionistas out there, the name Cara Delevingne will immediately ring a bell.  21 years old Cara is the Model of the Moment or 'MOM' to coin a phrase, completely dominating every catwalk during the fashion season from New York to Paris.  The British fashion model's face is just as recognisable with her blonde locks against dark eyebrows, piercing green eyes and pouting lips to accentuate her cheek bones.

As somebody who makes a daily living off of her looks,  it seems that Cara has now gone that extra mile by applying to trademark her full name to ensure no one else can make a profit from it.  By making herself a brand, Cara has the right to use that name on anything she wants and joins her fellow fashion icons such as Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and even Lady GaGa.

Anyone in the UK can trademark their name therefore it begs the question, what's in a name?  You can change it, you can make yourself a brand, you can even splash it across a clothing line if that is what takes your fancy.  Submit an online application and make one fee payment and you're in business.

What will be Cara's next move?  Trademarking her eyebrows might be the next step to world domination.  Watch this space!

Cara proved today that she is very much on top form for different reasons by turning heads at the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris for their Autumn / Winter collection.

German Fashion Designer and Creative Director for Chanel Karl Lagerfeld dressed his models in the latest collection with fur helmets as a finishing touch to crown their beautiful heads as they strutted down the catwalk in some striking outfits for the colder seasons.  

Cara's bold eyebrows poked out against the white fur hat and the model effortlessly 'wowed the crowd'.  Cara who is usually found in her own casual beanie posing with best friend, musician Rita Ora, donned the headgear and showed that being 21 need not be anything but fabulous.

Whilst Cara waits for the authorities to approve her submission for trademark, I am sure she is losing no sleep after a successful day's work.  Hurry though Cara, before someone else takes that name first...

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