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The secret behind Bipasha Basu's svelte figure

Bipasha Basu has one of the best bodies in the business. She's not too thin, she's curvy and she's managed to maintain her wow figure over the years. And the actress claims she's never taken any supplements - it's all about eating the right foods according to her.

The 34-year-old follows a strict diet plan.

Bipasha Basu in Players

"I love my food and get all the required nutrition from food only, no supplements. I am eating healthier stuff like stir-fried vegetables, spinach, chicken soup, grilled mushrooms or fish and eggs in all forms," Bipasha, who was last seen in Aatma, said in a statement to IANS.

"Basically I mix a lot of green veggies with meat and instead of six small meals now I eat eight to boost my metabolism," she added.

"When my body craves sugar I eat an apple. It's like a quick fix. After a wheat grass shot, I take five pre-soaked almonds. 

"Breakfast is eggs and oats. When I eat wrong my trick is never to feel guilty just go burn it! I love desserts but now I am not having any sweets for a month," she said.

Now that's what you call commitment.

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