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Deepika-Ranveer to steam things up in Ram Leela

Ranveer-Deepika in Ram Leela

Even though Sanjay Leela Bhansali hasn’t had a hit (as a director) in the longest time, his next venture Ram Leela seems to be heating up with each passing day. And to add to the hype, the latest buzz is that there are some really intense lovemaking sequences in the film between leads Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

“Deepika and Ranveer play a very physical Romeo and Juliet. Their words, dialogues, body language and even the way they look at each other convey a sense of passionate intensity and an overt sexuality.

The love-making scenes between the two actors are being described by someone close to the project as ‘animal’. There is plenty of tugging, pushing, pulling in both the verbal and physical interaction between them. Sanjay needed them to get comfortable in one another’s presence, so he asked them to spend a lot of time together even when they are not shooting. Apart from that, the comfort level has been built between them through numerous workshops and rehearsals,” said a source close to the production unit of the film.

Gossipmongers have been going to town with the couple’s closeness off screen too.

When probed Deepika clarified, “He is as methodical as it can get. He’s extremely passionate about his work, and that’s because he’s basically a passionate human being. And it shows in his conduct. Beyond that I don’t want to keep denying and clarifying the rumours, because they are baseless.”

Off screen couples have rarely ever set the screen ablaze (note: Saif-Kareena, Abhishek-Aishwarya, Shahid-Priyanka et al.), so it remains to be seen whether Ranveer-Deepika (if they really are a couple that is) manage to turn the tables and score at the box office come November.

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