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First Look and Theatrical Trailer: 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit'

Best selling author Tom Clancy who's novels have been turned into major Hollywood blockbusters (The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, Patriot Games) featuring A-listers like Harisson Ford and Ben Affleck, unfortunately passed away earlier this week (2 October 2013), and the timing of his demise couldn't have been more unfortunate or coincidental. 

Chris Pine and Kevin Costner in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

A character created by the famous author is all set to star in what potentially looks like another blockbuster, what with names like Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh featuring in the film's credits. 

In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Pine plays a CIA officer Ryan who's on a mission to uncover a terrorist plot. 

The trailer looks intense and promises good performances, and it's nice to see Costner finally getting his due and getting roles worthy of his stature, first Man Of Steel and now this. I'm not especially keen on Knightley, but she looks like she's having a blast here and seems to share a comfortable on screen chemistry with Pine, for whom the film is a big test — can a film run on his steam alone? None of his films (bar the Star Trek films which have a loyal fan following anyway), have really hit home runs at the box office. Maybe this film might finally establish him as a reliable leading man. Time will tell.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit theatrical poster

The film is directed by Branagh and is scripted by David Koepp (who's credit include Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and Jurassic Park among others), and hits theatres this Christmas. 

Are you looking forward Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Theatrical trailer: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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