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First Look & Theatrical Trailer: 'Noah'

Darren Aronofsky who's better known for his award winning work in Black Swan, returns in what seems way out of his comfort zone — a disaster film, which has been in production for at least two years.

In Noah Russell Crowe who's apt for these kind of period dramas, plays the titular role of Noah who's character builds an ark to save mankind after he's subject to divine visions foretelling the end of the world.

The theatrical poster of Noah

The film has a whopper cast and the trailer looks magnificent, even though early reviews of the film have been tepid.

Noah also stars Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ray Winstone, and hits theaters on 28 March 2014.

What's your take on the trailer? Let us know below!

Theatrical trailer: Noah

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