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Indian Medical Association (IMA) blasts Shah Rukh Khan over baby gender probe

 The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has slammed Shah Rukh Khan over reports that he and his wife Gauri had insisted on tests to determine the gender of their surrogate child before birth. According to reports, Khan and his wife, who already have a son and daughter, were planning to have a baby boy through surrogacy.

"IMA strongly opposes any attempt or activity for pre-natal determination of sex of foetus," said the association.

The IMA feels SRK should set a precedent being a role model

"We strongly feel that public figures like Shah Rukh Khan, who are role models for the youth, should set a precedent by their good acts and refrain from such illegal activities," the statement added.

"A proper investigation should be done in this regard. Suitable legal action should be initiated not only on the guilty medical professional, but also the public who approach the doctor for carrying out such a determination," went on the association.

Pre-natal sex determination is illegal in India. A provision for legal action and penalties exist in the PC-PNDT act both for the medical professional involved and public who request such an action.

India has a high female foeticide rate due to a traditional preference for boys in the country, which has led to a skewed sex ratio in various states. According to research by the medical journal Lancet, 500,000 girls are lost annually through sex-selective abortions in India.

Khan has not yet commented on the issue. 

Do you think SRK and Gauri are right to test the baby's gender before birth? 

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