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Preity Zinta on her comeback – 'Ishkq In Paris'

Sophie Choudhary, Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek and Prem Raj at the film's press meet

Preity Zinta was once one of the top actresses in tinsel town. But she moved on to other business ventures, after her career hit the doldrums, post some bad career choices, and a new wave of new blood hitting the scene leading to increased competition. Now she's back with her first production Ishkq in Paris, which hits the marquee next week – 24 May 2013.

Talking about the film, she said: "(It) is not ispired from my life, but yes certain instances (are inspired from my life). I won't lie about that."

"Not only mine, in fact it (the film) has some bits from our director's life (Prem Raj) and from my PR (public relations) officer's life. I mean we have not left anyone," said Zinta.

In the film, Zinta plays a half-Indian, half-French girl who falls in love in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

She said "we have added something or the other from everybody's life because I think somewhere art imitates life".

"Instead of taking from South Indian movies, English movies or European movies, we have been very true to ourselves," Zinta added.

There was a special reason why Paris was chosen as the city in focus.

"Paris is a city known for two things - fashion and romance. So, to be fashionably in love, there is no other place to be in, but Paris," said the perky actress.

The release of the film was incessantly delayed, after director Prem Raj was diagnosed with cancer. But the director seems upbeat now that the film is finally on the verge of release.

"It's not an expensive film, so I feel we will not lose too much of money. It's not an over-budget film and looking at the positive response, I am sure the film will recover its money for sure," said Raj to IANS.

The director says he is thankful to ZInta, who took the risk of waiting for him to return after his treatment, to release the movie.

"Hats off to Preity Zinta, who said she will wait for me to comeback. She was very clear and did what she felt. She said that we started the journey together and shall also end it together. I really look up to her," he said.

The film also features Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani and Salman Khan in a cameo.

Theatrical trailer: Ishkq in Paris

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