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First Look: 'Krrish 3'

The theatrical trailer of Rakesh Roshan's next sci-fi bonanza and the third instalment of Bollywood's hit superhero franchise, Krrish 3 was unveiled online today with a motion poster, where superstar Hrithik Roshan gave fans a sneak peek of the film via Facebook.

As part of the digital campaign, Hrithik had a Facebook live video chat, and showed the global audience the motion poster of the movie. 

"I am really excited and I eagerly look forward to the big unveiling of the Krrish 3 digital motion poster. Today’s technology is simply phenomenal... in an instant we can get immediate reactions and feedback on our films," Hrithik, who plays Krrish in the series, said in a statement.

Krrish 3 official logo

"I’m a huge believer in the power of social media as it directly involves our fans and supporters, and for a movie such as Krrish 3, it takes the experience to the next level," added the actor, who usually connects with his fans through Twitter.

This campaign is expected to reach over 50 million people just on the first day of the launch, and the film's director, Rakesh Roshan hopes "to maximise the potential of social media".

"This film is a result of a lot of dedication and creative effort from the entire team. We want to reach out to millions of fans the world over and this is the first ever Bollywood film to launch its first look motion poster on Facebook. We are excited that a large number of people will see the first look simultaneously at the launch," he said.

Along with Hrithik, the film also stars Priyanka Chopra reprising her role as Krrish's love interest and wife Priya, and Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut who play the film's antagonists. Krrish 3 releases this Diwali.

What do you think of the film's first look? Hot or not? 

Krrish 3 official tweets

Krrish 3 Official Motion Poster

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