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Priyanka Chopra blasts Mallika Sherawat for calling India 'regressive'

Priyanka Chopra is apparently miffed with Mallika Sherawat for referring to India as a "regressive nation for women" – and that too on an international platform, like the Cannes International Film Festival.

"I think we are a progressive nation. I disagree that we are a regressive nation. We are all sitting here and talking about educating the girl child, taking our country forward. I think it's a misrepresentation of what our great nation is on the world platform," said Chopra earlier today at the launch of a mobile application by Unicef, of which she is an ambassador.

Chopra is livid at Sherawat for calling India a 'regressive nation'

"It was something I felt extremely offended by," she added.

Calling Sherawat's statement an "extreme misrepresentation" of India and "unfair", Chopra said: "When it comes to Mallika's statements, I think they were very callous and I don't agree with her. It was upsetting for me as a woman. It was upsetting for me as a girl who comes from India. I think it was extreme misrepresentation of our nation. I don't think it's fair."

Hailing from Haryana, 36-year-old Sherawat made her debut in Bollywood in 2003 with Khwahish. Later, she went on to do foreign films like The Myth, Hisss and Politics of Love, all of which tanked at the box office.

Wonder if Sherawat has a comeback for Chopra's frank and forthright statements about her.

Watch this space for Round 2.

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