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Priyanka Chopra did not throw any tantrums on 'Gunday' set

Gossipmongers have had a field day writing about Priyanka Chopra's starry tantrums on the sets of her upcoming film Gunday starring newbies Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Word had it that she'd made it loud and clear to everyone involved in the shoot that she was the most experienced of the lot, and that they should take her considerations and opinions on board. Well those rumours have been laid to rest, as it seems those actually connected to the film have clarified that no such incident took place.

Ranveer-Arjun-Priyanka in Gunday

"This is all coming out of thin air and nothing like that actually took place on location and in such sinister manner during the shoot of Gunday," says a source to the Indian Express. "Whenever there is a much hyped film in the making with good stakes involved, rumours of all kinds start floating around. This is just one of them. Priyanka is too dignified an actor to be actually throwing tantrums or have starry airs around her."

Arjun Kapoor too cleared the air. "I am glad someone has asked me to at least clarify this, otherwise such loose talk is simply weird," says Arjun, "Nothing like that ever happened with Priyanka. Honestly, I don't even know what I should say for such matters. She has been a star for so many years and no tantrums have ever come into picture. She is too big to be indulging in such behaviour."

He in fact only had positive things to say about the actress. "I actually know her from even before the time when I had started off as an actor. I was an assistant on Salaam-e-Ishq and used to call her by saying - Madam, shot ready hai. Till date I tell her that Madam aap aaiye naa. The only difference is that earlier only she was in front of the camera and today both of us are. I am very fond of her and love her as an actor. She has not changed at all and that is the hallmark of a true star and an actor."

Gunday is all set for a Valentines 2014 release and is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar.

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