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Sanjay Gupta clears the air on rift with Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut in Shootout At Wadala

Gossip mongers have been having a field day with Kangna Ranaut's reported spat with Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Gupta, the makers of her next film Shootout At Wadala. Reportedly, the actress was annoyed at how she had been sidelined in the promos of the film in favour of Priyanka Chopra's and Sunny Leone's item numbers, which had been given more air time. Director Gupta on his part has cleared the air and clarifies that the actress will soon be promoting the film.

"So, it's very convenient to cook up a story and then say, insider tells us the story, source tells us this. Name the source," he added at a press conference promoting the film.

Gupta says if Kangna has any query, he is willing to respond to that.

"But unless she does not speak...I would not give that much importance by reacting to it," he said to IANS.

In Shootout At Wadala, Kangna plays Vidya, gangster Manya Surve's (John Abraham) love interest.

"As a matter of fact, I am extremely proud (of Kangna), I am very happy with her in the film, her performance, her look. She has worked very hard in the film," said Gupta, who has co-produced the film.

When asked, Gupta got upset. "I also read this morning.. You all are the media and you all have a very, very strong weapon in your hand, which could be a source, insider, friend, somebody from there... the person is never named."

"For the film, she had to unlearn a lot. I don't think and I haven't seen any of Kangna's films, where she is completely de-glamourised," said Gupta.

The film also features actors Anil Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee and Sonu Sood in key roles and releases 3 May 2013.

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