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Seductive Katrina sizzles in 'Dhoom Machale' from 'Dhoom: 3'

The title track of potentially one of the most awaited films in recent times, Dhoom: 3, is here and it features Katrina Kaif in a scorching hot avatar gyrating to a reprise of 'Dhoom Machale' — a track used in the previous two films. This version though, is a little more peppy, even if a little unoriginal and has stunning visuals, which give us a further insight into what the film may be about.

Aamir-Katrina in Dhoom: 3

Katrina, surprisingly, looks good with Aamir Khan, and dances well too, a skill she seems to have brushed up on in recent times. Whether she has more to do in the film apart from just being Aamir's arm candy though, remains to be seen.

"It has been a fulfilling experience to be part of Dhoom: 3. I have rehearsed a lot for this song. There is action, dance and it has been shot in an international style and format," said Katrina at the unveiling of the song.

The actress, who's usually reserved and aloof was at her witty best at the event.

Asked if she was still upset with the media, after photos of her on a private holiday were leaked, Katrina said: "I missed you all. Do I look like I am upset? Many people have asked this but I just felt hurt and angry at that point of time."

"It was a very private moment. I expected privacy... You react in a way that moment and then you move on," Katrina said to reporters.

Katrina was at her witty best at the unveiling of the song

"I was hurt but I also learned that next time please give me notice, I will wear matching clothes as red and white does not match at all, I know," she added.

Katrina, who also sent an open letter to the media after the pictures were leaked, said: "I have been part of this industry for nine years and I have been to Spain with my sisters so many times. But this has never happened to me in nine years.

"Later, many people from the industry told me this was part of my job. You learn from your experience and life goes on... no big deal, but I was not upset then and not even now."

Asked if she was single, she said: "I have said this before and would like to say again... I am single till I get married."

In Dhoom: 3, Aamir plays the principal antagonist, Sahir, a gymnast turned convict and has a glamorous Katrina who plays Aaliya, an acrobat, for company, while Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra return to reprise their roles as cops Jai and Ali. 

Dhoom: 3 hits theatres 20 December 2013, and if you can't wait until then, feast your eyes on a saucy Katrina in the video below.

Video: 'Dhoom Machale' — Dhoom: 3

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