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Shah Rukh Khan caught in a reflective mood

Shah Rukh Khan, who's been all over the news, for his alleged patch up with rival Salman Khan, and for his upcoming film Chennai Express was caught in a reflective mood recently.

The actor believes he's extremely self aware and will only do films that are an extension of his real life persona, which is why he's not too keen doing films outside of his comfort zone. 

"I do believe that an actor, who is self aware, will never do a film that is not an extension of his personality," said SRK in an interview at an event where he was honoured with the Rajasthan Patrika Concerned Communicator Award.

SRK-Deepika in Chennai Express

"No matter how good I am as an actor, and no matter how many different things I would like to try, I don't think I can ever go beyond my upbringing," he said.

"Somewhere I feel my upbringing is very simple. My parents have taught me how to be a good person" he added.

SRK is renown world over and has had an extremely successful innings as an actor, and is probably one of the most recognised faces in the world. But he's still not too keen on experimenting in the same way as say Aamir Khan would. He has in the past, but not so much recently.

The actor said that his personality reflects in the kinds of films he does.

"I can't say some things in films. I don't want to feel uncomfortable watching them with my kids or even alone. There is a natural censorship inside my system," finished off the  47-year-old candidly.

SRK will next be seen in Chennai Express with Deepika Padukone. The film is directed by Rohit Shetty and hits the marquee 9 August 2013.

Are you looking forward to Chennai Express

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