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Shahid injured on sets of 'Rambo Rajkumar'

Kapoor on the sets of Rambo Rajkumar

Shahid Kapoor sure takes his commitments seriously. While most actors would use stunt doubles for dangerous action sequences, Kapoor has done most of the stunts in Prabhudeva's Rambo Rajkumar himself. Unfortunately, while performing a stunt, the actor injured himself on the sets of the same last Friday (26 April 2013).

Word is that Kapoor was shooting at Kamalistan Studio for a scene where he has to enter a burning house. He finished his shot and was stepping out of the burning house, when hot chemical solution dripped on to his back and arms.

"The fire is created artificially through a chemical solution. The solution fell on his back and forearms. The solution was hot and it immediately burnt holes in Shahid's t-shirt. He half sprinted while removing his t-shirt,” said a source to IANS.

The actor has got some burn marks. He later visited a dermatologist to ensure the wounds heal quickly.

We would like to wish Shahid a speedy recovery.

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