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​Are Shahid-Priyanka romantically involved again?

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have been through some pretty turbulent times. And although the two have never admitted to being in a relationship, Shahid has stood by Priyanka at the most testing times. Whether it was the tax raids a couple of years ago, or standing by her during Dr Ashok Chopra's death, Shahid's always been around irrespective of the status quo of their 'relationship'.

Are Shahid-Priyanka a couple again?

Which is why it comes as no surprise that sources close to them claim that the flames of love and passion have been rekindled between the Kaminey duo. A snippet in the Times of India states how PC made a very late entrance (around 3am) at Shahid's house party, and how there have been whispers about how the couple made an entrance together at a mutual friend's party too. 

Whether there's any truth to these rumours is open to debate of course – especially with Sasha being linked to a bevy of beauties, the most recent being newbie Huma Qureshi. 

Watch this space for more on the on-again-off-again 'prem kahaani'. 

Do you think Shahid and Priyanka make a good couple? 

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