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Theatrical trailer: 'Dhoom:3'

Probably one of the more successful film franchises in Bollywood, the Dhoom series is back with a bang this Christmas. The second one was probably the most successful film of its time way back in 2006, when Hrithik Roshan made being the anti-hero look uber cool, and Aishwarya Rai (now Bachchan) sizzled like never before in an ultra stylish, glamorous and sexy avatar. That film had a preposterous plot and was more interested in making its stars (bar Abhishek) look good, but managed to woo audiences nonetheless with its peppy music, chiseled bodies and unseen foreign locations. 

Dhoom:3 too seems to have a lot going for it. A whopping Rs 150 crore is riding on it and with the initial clip promising adrenalin fueled stunts and thrills, audiences have a lot to look forward to this festive season. It will be the first Bollywood film to get an extensive release in IMAX and it will also be the first film to be released in Dolby Atmos, a technology that can lend a life-like cinema sound experience for viewers.

But what perhaps makes the film's release even more exciting is that it features Midas man Aamir Khan, who's back on screen after last year's off beat and tad disappointing Talaash.

Dhoom:3 Teaser Poster

In Dhoom:3, Aamir plays the principal antagonist, Sahir, a gymnast turned convict and has a glamorous Katrina Kaif who plays Aaliya, an acrobat, for company, while Abhishek and Uday return to reprise their roles as cops Jai and Ali. The film's motion poster and teaser trailer do little to reveal the film's plot but do promise a film that will raise the bar in terms of stunts and action. And if Aamir Khan stars in a film, the least you can expect is decent quality and a cohesive plot.

The initial poster (above) of the anticipated film is far from perfect though. In fact it's quite bland and a rather lazy attempt at marketing from the Yash Raj team. The latest trailer however seems to have made for any shortcomings. Perhaps the team was saving the best till last. In the latest trailer, the plot seems to revolve around a magic/circus theme and some clips are more than likely to remind viewers of the The Prestige which released a few years back. The film, unsurprisingly, seems to revolve around Aamir's character, and from the looks of things neither Katrina nor Uday will have much to do in the film.

Aamir on his role in Dhoom: 3

"I think Dhoom:3 is my toughest role so far. I have never played anything like this before." 

"Every film is challenging, but this was a tough role. I had a great time working in the film," Aamir said to reporters at the trailer launch of the film.

In terms of preparation, the actor had to workout a lot for Dhoom:3.

"I am playing a gymnast in the film. I also went for circus training for the film. There was a lot of hard work for the film. I followed a strict diet."

"I liked the story and I was amazed after reading the script. I am not playing a typical Hindi cinema villain in Dhoom:3. I don't want people to feel I am playing a villain," finished off the actor.

Dhoom:3 hits theatres 20 December 2013, and we have the film's motion poster (which was unveiled last month), and the film's theatrical trailer which was launched earlier today (30 October 2013) for you right here.

What are your expectations from Dhoom:3? WIll it go on to break the unprecedented record set by Shah Rukh Khan's Chennai Express? Let us know below.

Theatrical trailer: Dhoom:3

Dhoom:3: Motion Poster and Teaser Trailer

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