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Sneak Peek: 'Madras Cafe'

You have to hand it to John Abraham. It's refreshing that as a producer he's thinking outside the box and commissioning scripts that don't just cater to mainstream audiences. He notched a hit with rank newcomers last year with his first production (Vicky Donor), and is back with his next venture (on screen as well as behind the scenes), for a political thriller — Madras Cafe which is helmed by Shoojit Sircar.

John in Madras Cafe

“As a producer, I'm not interested in commercial success. What matters is to be critically acclaimed. Vicky Donor was a different film and Madras Cafe is very different from Vicky Donor. So, as a producer, I want to make different and credible films, which will live on your DVD shelf and should be worth it,” said John to Mid Day.

“This film is a political thriller. It is made in a basic budget, but it will look like a Rs.50 crore film,” he said.

Madras Cafe also features Nargis Fakhri and hits theatres worldwide 23 August. 

Official synopsis

An Indian Intelligence major (played by John Abraham) journeys into a war torn coastal island, to break a resolute rebel group. He deftly maneuvers his resources to make significant breakthroughs, amidst a scenario where the enemy has no face and the only counsel is ‘don’t get caught’. At various junctions he meets a charismatic and passionate journalist (played by Nargis Fakhri) who is following her will to reflect the truth behind the civil war. The story unfolds as their quest for the truth reveals a deeper conspiracy, by a faceless enemy, united to seize a common nemesis – India.

Theatrical trailer

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