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Sonakshi Sinha: Missing In Action

Sinha will be seen in four releases this year

Being popular and successful has its downfalls too. Just ask Sonakshi Sinha, who, with four back to back releases, is working hours on end and doesn’t even have time to spend with her loved ones.

Her lack of public appearances, it seems, is partly due to lack of time and partly intentional. With so many films lined up, Sinha is avoiding overkill and will only come out when it comes to promoting a film – which she will be doing plenty of this year.

"Sona is shooting four films back to back -Thupakki, Once Upon A Time..., Rambo Rajkumar and Bullet Raja. This has had her shuttling from one set and city to another, leaving her with no time to spend with her family either," said a source to Mumbai Mirror.

"Last week, Sona shot for 22 hours at a stretch for two films." A reason why, when she got homesick on the sets of Bullet Raja, her father went to Lucknow to be with her for a day. Said the source: "It is unlikely that you’ll get to see Sonakshi till Lootera releases."

Lootera sees Sinha with Ranveer Singh, the Thupakki remake reunites her with Akshay Kumar, she’s paired with Shahid Kapoor in Rambo Rajkumar and Bullet Raja sees her opposite Saif Ali Khan.

Phew. That’s what you call a kitty full of top projects, and those too with superstars no less.

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