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The ex files: Harman-Priyanka let bygones be bygones

Harman-Priyanka in What's Your Rashee?

It's rare for a couple in B-Town who dated for a lengthy period of time to be civil to one another, let alone be under the same roof. It seems though, that Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra are an exception to this rule and have let go of the past after they were seen being warm with another at the Times Of India Film Awards in Vancouver recently.

"During the awards ceremony both Priyanka and Harman came face to face and unlike other estranged couples, they hugged each other warmly. This was probably the first time they were under the same roof after working together in What's Your Rashee," said a source to NDTV.

According to rumours, the actor's sister Roweena and Chopra continue to remain friends, however Harman and she had not spoken in a long time.

"The hug sent across a message that all is well between the two and that they have buried the hatchet. Both of them have clearly moved on in life," the source added.

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