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Gallery: Steven Spielberg mingles with the who’s who of Bollywood

Multi award winning director Steven Spielberg partied with Bollywood earlier this week to celebrate the success of Lincoln which was co-produced by Anil Ambani, the head honcho of Indian company Reliance Entertainment.

The Oscar winning director says he is planning to produce a film, a part of which will be set on the border in the disputed region of Kashmir.

"We have finalised a script... Part of it will take place on the India-Pakistan border in Kashmir. But we're still trying to figure out the castings, locations and who's going to direct it," the 66-year-old director said.

"A scintillating evening with Mr Steven Spielberg .. films relations scripts trends future .. and more!!" Amitabh Bachchan tweeted after the meeting.

Several top Bollywood personalities along with Spielberg attended a party hosted by Ambani in Mumbai - the pictures of which we have for you right here. (Click to enlarge)

Images courtesy Hindustan Times.

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